When you need a complex part at a reasonable price, you need a machine shop with sophisticated technology to get the job done at the highest level of quality. At Heinz Engineering, our 5-axis machining capabilities allow us to make complex and intricate parts more quickly and cost-effectively than with 3- or 4-axis machining. We can also make parts that are only possible with 5-axis machining. 

You don’t have to worry about us no-quoting you, because we have what it takes to solve even the toughest machining challenges.

What Is 5-Axis Machining?

While 3 and 4-axis machines are useful for creating simple parts without any deep pockets, they don’t offer the sophisticated technology that a 5-axis machine provides. 

3-axis machines move parts in only two directions, along the X and Y axes, as the tool moves up and down along the Z axis. 4-axis machines operate on the same axes as a 3-axis machine with added rotation around the X-axis, known as the A-axis. 

However, 5-axis CNC machines rotate on two axes, both A and B, which allows the tool to reach the part from all directions, increasing machining speed and precision. 

In some cases, we’re also able to use 4-axis machines with indexers to achieve the 5-axis capabilities needed to machine complex parts.

5-Axis Machining Improves Cost and Lead Time

5-Axis MachiningIn addition to machining complex features, our 5-axis machining capabilities help us improve cost and lead time for our customers. Here’s how:

Reduced setup time. One important factor that goes into the pricing of a part is setup time, or how long it takes to prepare a machine before run time even begins. Since 5-axis machines can move and rotate parts without human intervention, setup time drastically decreases—and with it, our customers’ cost and lead time. 

Programming efficiency. Our expert machinists have the skills to program parts for maximal efficiency. They can even leverage 5-axis machining capabilities to machine more than one part per cycle, which gets parts out the door sooner. 

Could Your Part Benefit from 5-Axis Machining? 

Do you need 5-axis capabilities for your part? If it has any of these specific features, the answer is, “Yes!” 

  • Curved angle dimensions less than 45 degrees. When a part has curved, 3D features cut in at narrow angles, it requires special tooling. While a 3-axis machine can achieve angles less than 45 degrees, only the 5-axis machine has the rotational capabilities to machine curved 45 degree angles.
  • Ports drilled at different angles. 5-axis porting maximizes 3-axis capabilities for faster, higher quality machining. 3-axis technology first drills the ports as far as possible, then transitions to 5-axis tooling that can better maneuver various angles.
  • Features on multiple sides of the part. If a part has features on multiple sides, it may benefit from 5-axis machining. With a single setup, 5-axis machines can process all sides during a single operation, so you get your part faster.

We can use 5-axis machining for all common materials, including aerospace metals like Inconel and titanium. 

When you need complex parts done right, you need to work with a shop that has the right technology to help you. Request a quote to see how Heinz Engineering delivers!