There’s a common misconception that engineering is limited to practical applications like building bridges or designing products. As an engineering company that focuses on high-precision metal manufacturing, we know engineering is really about solving problems. 

At Heinz Engineering, we’re committed to engineering solutions that extend beyond machining: everything from design for manufacturing to sourcing to customer service.

Our decades of experience have given us the expertise to solve common problems from an engineer’s perspective. Being able to relate to our customers and their experience is what makes us a business partner, not just a vendor, to the folks we work with. We excel at engineering solutions in these key areas of manufacturing: 

Design for Manufacturing Solutions 

Plenty of machine shops will build to print, but only an engineering partner can understand all the ins and outs of design for manufacturing (DFM). 

Heinz Engineering takes the time to understand the end use of a part so we can make strategic design recommendations. We assess part requirements, select the right material, and run tests to ensure that every aspect of a part meets specifications and functions flawlessly.

DFM helps us address critical dimensions, such as sharp or square corners, and any risks with undersized dimensions to address any build up from chemical processing.

Sourcing and Supply Chain Solutions

Sourcing and supply chain problems can disrupt an entire project, resulting in higher costs and slower turnaround times. 

We’ve seen dominant vendors monopolize an entire region, driving up cost on everything from materials to post-processing. Customers also risk becoming overly reliant on one vendor, leaving them in a bind when factors like inclement weather or even a global pandemic dramatically affect their supply chain.

To avoid these issues, we built a broad network of vendors—including those outside our home state of California. Rather than relying on just one option, our customers can get the best pricing from the right vendors. Heinz Engineering thoroughly vets all vendors and project manages these relationships so you don’t have to.

Machining Solutions 

Finding a reliable manufacturer with the capabilities (and the willingness!) to take on any project isn’t easy. Many shops will decline prototype or low-volume projects, but we’ll make any part that fits our machines. It’s not uncommon for us to earn a new customer by being willing to make the parts they need, where other shops have no-quoted or turned them away.

We also have the right knowledge and equipment to properly machine some of the most difficult materials for industries like aerospace and defense. We have 25 high technology CNCs with recognized close-tolerance and a team of experienced engineers ready to find the right machining solution for any challenge. 

Customer Service Solutions

As an engineering partner, we’re committed to being proactive, direct, and upfront during every phase of a project. That means providing status updates before something goes wrong and making sure you always know where your part is in the process. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re talking to the people actually making your parts. 

We’re proud to engineer every aspect of the customer experience while providing exceptional end-to-end manufacturing services. Our team manages all the moving pieces to create a seamless process for our customers. Let Heinz Engineering be the solution to your manufacturing problems. Request a quote today and get a response in 24 hours.