Future at Heinz

As we approach the end of 2021, we’re taking some time to reflect on this past year at Heinz Engineering.

Like most manufacturing companies, we faced major challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Supply chain disruptions continued to affect our industry, slowing down lead times as product demand resumed. 

Demand for materials like Inconel, nickel, aluminum, and steel rapidly increased amid lagging supply, causing prices to skyrocket.

Labor shortages made it difficult to add new members to our team. 

Despite these challenges, we’re proud to say that 2021 was also a very exciting year for the future of our company. 

We worked hard to better serve our customers amid this challenging manufacturing landscape while ensuring the health and happiness of our own team. Read on to learn how we’re emerging from 2021 stronger than ever:

How Heinz Engineering Is Continuously Improving

  • Streamlining processes. We leveraged the power of technology to streamline our processes and maintain better control over our projects. Paperless Parts quoting software helps us get quotes into customers’ hands faster, and our transformative new ERP system allows us to plan and manage the entire manufacturing process like never before.
  • Empowering our team. Core values like proactivity and accountability are integral to any team’s continued success. We focused on empowering our employees so that they feel confident in the work they do and the decisions they make on a daily basis. 
  • Developing new relationships. As manufacturing demand steadily increased this year, we developed a wider network of carefully vetted suppliers to rely on. Having trusted suppliers at our side helps us to consistently deliver quality parts on time. 
  • Keeping an eye on the future. This year may be coming to a close, but we’re looking ahead toward becoming a fully integrated manufacturing partner. In 2022, we’ll be adding new in-house capabilities, which will help us consolidate the supply chain and maintain even better control over factors like quality and lead time for our customers. 

Our hard work has certainly paid off. Challenges aside, we took on more jobs than last year and are thrilled to see those numbers continue to rise. 

Heinz Engineering is proud to be so much more than your average job shop. From precision machining services to comprehensive supply chain and project management, we’re your go-to supplier for aerospace and defense prototyping and production. 

We look forward to the opportunities 2022 will bring and hope you’ll come along for the ride. Request a quote to work with us!

Photo credit: NASA