There are so many steps that go into manufacturing a CNC machined part from start to finish. 

From managing the entire supply chain and interacting with dozens of vendors to coordinating shipping and delivery—all while staying on a tight budget—it’s no surprise that many companies feel overwhelmed by the demands of project management! 

Why waste your valuable resources on these complex logistics when you can get professional support from industry experts?

Heinz Engineering offers full project management for CNC machining from conception through completion to save customers time and hassle

Benefits of Project Management for CNC Machining 

Without comprehensive project management, you could be setting yourself up for a heavy workload. Consider these benefits of working with a shop that provides project management services to free yourself of the burden of doing it all on your own:

  • Save time. When Heinz Engineering takes on your project, we assume all responsibilities and remove you as the coordinator between vendors. We can ship your parts immediately to the next vendor once each process is complete instead of pausing production to send it back to you first. 
  • Lower risk. As vendors pass parts back and forth, there’s always the risk that something could go wrong. If you’re handling all aspects of the project, you may have a hard time pinpointing where the issue originated—and an even harder time hunting down the vendor to fix it. When you hand your project over to us, we’ll relieve you of that responsibility and keep it in our expert hands instead. 
  • Guarantee accountability. Our project management team will own final accountability for your project, making sure your parts come out exactly as you want them. We ensure that all parts pass our strict quality control measures, so you get what you need the first time around.
  • Reduce costs. Streamlining project management saves money on tangible expenses like shipping, but the biggest savings are for opportunity costs. We effectively eliminate all the overhead you would have needed to manage the project. Once we win your business, we can even help you save on things like raw material purchases.

Why Trust Heinz Engineering to Manage Your CNC Machining Project?

Most machine shops don’t offer project management services. So why do we take on the responsibility of managing complex CNC machining projects? Simply put, we do it for YOU! We want our customers to get the most value from our services.

Here’s what you can expect from Heinz Engineering’s project management services:  

  • High standards for vendors. Before we bring on a new vendor, we conduct onsite visits to their facilities to ensure they meet our standards and ask them to submit relevant certifications, like ITAR, NADCAP, and AS9100.
  • Prime location. Located in South Los Angeles, we have many reputable partners closeby who specialize in machining for defense and aerospace just like us. We can provide recommendations on the best local vendors, then coordinate to get them on your approved list.
  • Strong institutional knowledge. Our experienced team has been recognized as a reliable source for custom precision products and assemblies for over 35 years. We’ve built a strong history of relationships, all captured in our state-of-the-art ERP system.
  • Project management mindset. Project management is built into the DNA of our company. It’s not just a service we offer—it’s part of who we are. 
  • High-level support. Our people are our best assets. We have an impressively knowledgeable team that spans our entire shop. Our CEO and COO are more than happy to get involved as needed, too. 

We offer project management support at every stage of the CNC machining process:

  • Material sourcing
  • Grinding and honing
  • Non-destructive testing (passivation, fluorescent penetrant, magnetic penetrant)
  • Chemical testing
  • Finishing (anodize, allodyne, chem film, dry film, chem coating, plating)
  • Heat treating

Don’t let project management stress you out any longer. Trust Heinz Engineering with full project management for defense and aerospace machining. Request a quote today!